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Divine Embodiment in Pauline Anthropology The Mimetic Self and the Chronotopic Christ (co-authored with Tyson Putthoff)

This book utilises literary theories of space and time to explore how Paul thinks human selves are affected when God takes up residence in human space. We will complete a revised manuscript by September 2022.

Beyond Bodies: Transhumanist Technologies in Ancient Judaism and Christianity

Currently in initial stages of research.

Article Projects

Here are the topics of a few current and future article projects:

  • The origin and meaning of the use of κοιν-words in Greek Jewish texts to describe certain states of ritual impurity

  • The ritual status of excrement at Qumran

  • The meaning of "hidden things" (נסתרות) in the Damascus Document and Serek ha-Yahad and its implications for understanding Jewish restoration movements.

  • Paul's quotation of Aristotle's Politics 8.13 in Galatians

  • The early Christian use of the Johannine colophons for the production of new gospels and for organising bibliographic thinking.

  • The influence of Aramaic word חוב on Jewish metaphors for sin and salvation.

  • Ethics and unconditional mercy in Pseudo-Philo's Liber Antiquitatum Biblicarum and Romans

Current Research: List
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