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Lecturer in New Testament, Department of Theology & Religion, University of Exeter, UK 
• Fixed term: September 2022–January 2024


Durham University, UK

PhD, Theology & Religious Studies (2020)

  • Supervisor: Professor John M.G. Barclay, FBA
  • Thesis: Love, Self-Gift, and the Incarnation: Christology and Ethics in Galatians, in the Context of Pauline Theology and Greco-Roman Philosophy

  • Examiners: Professor Grant Macaskill and Professor Francis Watson (Passed with no corrections)

University of St Andrews, UK (2016)

MLitt, Biblical Languages & Literature​

  • Graduated First with Distinction

Biola University, USA
BA, Biblical & Theological Studies (2014)

  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude (3.81 GPA)


Christology and Ethics in Galatians: Love and the Shared Self. Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. Forthcoming (∼95,000 words).

‘The Stomach Purifies All Foods: Jesus’ Anatomical Argument in Mark 7.18–19’. New Testament Studies. Forthcoming (∼12,000 words).

‘The Priestly Authority of the Son of Man on Earth: Forgiveness of Sins and Eschatological Jubilee in 11QMelchizedek and Mark’. Journal for the Study of the New Testament. Forthcoming (∼15,000 words).

‘Debating Daniel’s Dream: The Synoptics and the Similitudes of Enoch on the Son of Man’. Pages 23–38 in Beyond Canon: Early Christianity and the Ethiopic Textual Tradition. Edited by Meron Gebreananaye, Logan Williams, and Francis Watson. Library of New Testament Studies 643. London: Bloomsbury T&T Clark. 2020.

‘Giving the Self through Death: A Crucified Christ as Gift in Galatians’. Pages 23-32 in Suffering and the Christian Life. Edited by Rachel Davies and Karen Kilby. London: Bloomsbury T&T Clark. 2019.

‘Disjunction in Paul: Apocalyptic or Christomorphic? Comparing the Apocalypse of Weeks with Galatians’. New Testament Studies 64 (2018): 64–80.


‘Was all Early Gospel Writing Competitive? Situating the Johannine Colophons within Greek Literary Culture’. Under review with Journal of Biblical Literature (∼8,500 words).


Co-organiser with Max Leventhal for Visuality in Jewish Greek Literature. University of Cambridge, UK. July 2022.

Co-organizer with Meron T. Gebreananaye and Francis Watson for Ethiopic Texts in New Testament Studies. Durham, UK. July 2018.

‘The Stomach Purifies All Foods: Jesus’ Anatomical Argument in Mark 7.18–19’. Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting. Denver, CO. November 2022.

‘Being(s) Above the Law: Ontology, Legislation, and Paul’s Quotation of Aristotle’s Politics in Galatians’, Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting. Denver, Colorado. November 2022.

‘Living beyond Flesh: Philo and Paul’s Mystical Technologies’. British New Testament Conference. University of St Andrews, August 2022.

‘Conquering Death by the Visual Logos: The High Priest in Wisdom of Solomon 18’. Visuality in Jewish Greek Literature. University of Cambridge, UK. July 2022.

'Was all Early Gospel Writing Competitive? Situating the Gospel of John within Greek Literary Culture'. University of Nottingham Biblical Studies Seminar. Online. March 2022.

Did Jesus Really Declare All Foods Clean? Purity, Poop, and the Stomach in Mark 7.18–19’. Houston Baptist Theology Seminar. Online. February 2022.

‘Jesus’ Unwritten Signs: Revelatory Surplus and Textual Potential in the Johannine Colophons’. Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting. San Antonio, USA. November 2021.

‘Is Torah-Observance the Essence of Jewishness? An Historical and Decolonial Critique of the “Paul within Judaism” Schule’. British New Testament Conference. Durham, UK. August 2021.

‘Yesh Yoter Miderekh Achat Lihyot Yehudi: Defining Judaism and Opposing the Legacy of Antisemitism in Pauline Scholarship’. Religious Diversity & the Secular University (Center for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities), University of Cambridge, UK. July 2021. 

Invited panel respondent for Categories and Boundaries in Second Temple Jewish Literature. University of Birmingham (online). March 2021.

‘Aesthetic Divine Encounter: Ben Sira’s Ekphrasis on Simon ben Onias in Light of Greco-Roman Epiphanic Strategies’. Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting. Online. December 2020.

‘The Praxis of the Promise: Ethics and Unconditional Mercy in Pseudo-Philo and Paul’s Letter to the Romans’. British New Testament Conference. Liverpool Hope University, UK. September 2019.

‘Atonement in Galatians as the Self-Gift of Jesus Christ’. Atonement: Sin, Sacrifice, and Salvation in Jewish and Christian Antiquity. University of St Andrews, UK. June 2018.

‘The Christomorphic Shape of Paul’s Dualistic Eschatology’. British New Testament Conference. St Patrick’s College, Ireland. September 2017.


Paul J. Achtemeier Award for New Testament Scholarship (2022), Society of Biblical Literature ($1000)

Religious Diversity and the Secular University Summer School (2020)

Center for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences & Humanities (CRASSH), Cambridge University, UK

  • Funded for travel, room, & board for two weeks to present and participate in workshops.

CAROD Grant (2018)

Durham University, UK

  • Awarded £500 to co-organise the conference Ethiopic Texts in New Testament Studies.

Erasmus+ Grant (2018)

Durham University, UK

  • To Research at Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Germany, April to September 2018.

Dean's Academic Scholarship (2011)

Biola University, USA

  • Awarded $20,000 for academic merit.


2017–21: Guest Lecturer and Seminar Tutor, Durham University

  • 44 hours of lecturing on Ancient Hebrew

  • 60 hours of leading seminars for New Testament, Introduction to Biblical Study, Topics in Christian Ethics, God & Evil, Medieval & Reformation Theology

  • Marking and supporting students individually to develop writing skills

2020–21 Guest Lecturer at Cranmer Hall (Durham University) and Lindisfarne College of Theology

  •  77 hours of Lecturing Koine Greek; produced syllabi (for two classes)

Instructor, Erasmus Academy (2021–2022)

  • 96 hours: Lecturing Koine Greek; produced syllabus

  • 48 hours: Lecturing Ancient Hebrew; produced syllabus

2019–2021 Private Language Instructor

  • Developed syllabi for small classes on advanced Greek syntax (10 hours), Introduction to Ancient Hebrew (40 hours), and Introduction to Biblical Aramaic (15 Hours) 

2020: Convener and Instructor for Introduction to Ge‘ez (Classical Ethiopic)

  • 20 hours of online lectures for ~70 students; produced textbook and syllabus


Review of Matthew Thiessen, Jesus and the Forces of Death (Baker 2020) in Journal for the Study of the New Testament (forthcoming).

Review of Neil Martin, Regression in Galatians (Mohr Siebeck 2020) in Journal for the Study of the New Testament (forthcoming).

Proofreader for Wright, A. Basics of Ancient Ethiopic: A Complete Grammar, Workbook, and Lexicon (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2022).


Cohost of The Two Cities Podcast (

'When Aristotle Reads Paul'. The Logos Academic Blog (2018) (

Love as Self-Embodied Gift’. Invited podcast guest for Sancta Colloquia Podcast. 2019.

‘Love-Ethics beyond Egoism and Altruism’. Lecture at L’Abri, Switzerland. 2018.

‘Love your Neighbour as your Neighbour: The Self, the Other, and the Ethics of Empathy’. St John's College Broaderlands Lecture Series. Durham University, UK. 2016.


Modern Hebrew | B1 on CEFR scale

Ancient Greek (Ionic, Attic, & Koine) | advanced proficiency 

Classical Hebrew | advanced proficiency

Aramaic (Biblical & Targumic) | intermediate proficiency

Ge'ez/Classical Ethiopic | intermediate proficiency

Sahidic Coptic | intermediate proficiency

Latin | intermediate proficiency

German | academic reading

Curriculum Vitae: CV
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